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Welcome to Eliot!!!


Hi there, folks. Welcome to my own little webstead. I'm the mug on the left, on the right is my wife. This is our self portrait from our second anniversary trip. This is quite possibly the last time she ever hiked with me. ;)

The SuperOnes!


We can dress up, too! This was taken prior to my friend Justin's wedding. She's much more photogenic than I am... and that's just fine with me. Thom & Laurie


Snow There isn't much point to this photo, other than it's really cool. I just need a yin to the yang of the photos above and below. This was taken January 4, 7:08PM outside the back door of the new chalet during the 28th consecutive hour of snow!


Unless you've been living under a rock that I don't frequent, you know that I drew a permit and bagged a moose... with only superficial injury to myself. He is pictured on the wall behind my latest love (supplanting the Jeep), a Selmer SerieIII tenor saxophone. One of my rewards for selling the old house and/or getting canned. Anywho, if you're daring, here is a short video of me at an open mic night hosted by my cousin, Doug, playing Tad Dameron's Lady Bird. This is the first time I've played out in nearly ten years. I'll only say that I wasn't discouraged by the outcome... much. selmer


The SuperOne! In some of my finer moments, I look a little less cheery. I made quite an impression on a few folks this particular evening... hehe.


Given some of my exploits and my frequently misunderstood riotous sense of humor, people will look at m'lady, talk to her, and wonder just how in the hell we ended up together. I think this photo pretty much sums it up. The SuperOne!


Family Picture! Here is an oldie but goody that one of my relatives used to carry around with him. He liked for people to see some of his extended family. Top to bottom are my father, my sister, and myself, circa 1974.


A recent addition to the family pix series. Here is my niece... a chip off the old block[head]. You can tell she takes after her uncle and not her dad -- just look at the quality beer she's swilling. Now, I know what you're all thinking: Did she really drink the beer, or was this a pose? Look closely, that kid is drinkin'!!! Keith Family


uncles Avant Folk singer/songwriter Dan Bern has a lyric that popped into mind as I was flipping through a photo album working on a web site. The context doesn't apply, but the abbreviated lyric was the impetus of this addition to my site. Bern, who is Jewish, writes in his tune Hannibal,
Hitler never hurt a soul
I read it in a book
That I finished up just this morning
I was happy and I just couldn't wait to tell the good news
To all of my dead uncles


With that, this portion of my page is in dedication to my two favorite uncles, Fabe (d. April 23, 2000) and Wayne (d. May 18, 2001), who both lost the game to this bag o' shit we call life within the past 2 years. Wayne is pictured to the right. On the left, back to, is my father, and in the middle, my cousin André. Both of these shots were taken at Fabe and Twig's 50th anniversary party, as is the shot of my wife above. uncles